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Tips To Increase Your Score


Education Tips

Basic Rule of Thumb: Research your field to see what is standard for typical people in the field.

Most employers are looking for a Bachelor's Degree.

**However, depending on the field you are getting into, an Associate's Degree or even a High School Diploma will give you great value.

But usually: More Education = More Value (and points).


Skills Tips

Basic Rule of Thumb: More Skills = More Value (and points)!

This one is pretty self-explanatory: Who'd want to hire you if you have no skills?

On an actual resume, listing 5 or 6 relevant skills is standard.

Wording your skills like they're written on the job ad helps in case your resume is read by a computer.

Work Experience

Work Experience Tips

Basic Rule of Thumb: More Work Experience = More Value (and points)

This is usual the most valuable piece of the pie that employers want from candidates.

Don't have much experience? Internships and volunteer opportunities are a great place to launch your career!

Networking is also a great way to improve your chances of landing your dream job.


Sypnosis Tips

Basic Rule of Thumb: 300 - 450 characters = More Value (and points)

A brief but detailed synopsis of who you are can help separate you from the competition.

Keeping it between 300-450 characters usually keeps it brief, personal, and to the point, without boring the hiring manager.

You could do less than that, but you'd be missing an opportunity to impress the hiring manager.