Web Design Samples

Here are some of my best web designs that I’ve built, designed, or contributed to.


Fun Watching Baseball Game

Fun Watching Baseball is a game to be played while watching any baseball game. Whether you’re a baseball fanatic or a non-sports person, this game has something for everyone! Play the game and see why baseball will never be the same!

Built With: Shopify

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Psych Med Management, LLC

Psych Med Managament, LLC is a psychiatry and mental health practice, with two locations in Southeastern Wisconsin. Their goal is to lead each patient to an overall state of wellness in daily living.

Built With: WordPress, Avada Theme

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Good Mental Health Rx. LLC

Good Mental Health Rx. LLC is a psychiatry and mental health practice in Brookfield, WI that serves patients all over Southeastern Wisconsin, including counties like Waukesha, Washington, Milwaukee, Dodge, Jefferson, and more!

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The Resume Grinder

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the job hunt, this site might get you in the right direction. Just answer some simple resume type questions and you will be given suggestions based on your input.

Built With: AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3

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Josh’s Web Design Tips

This site has tons of tips and tricks on practices that are used in the web design industry. If you are looking for some really good web design and development tricks, check out this site.

Built With: HTML5, CSS3, Skeleton

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Cross Lutheran Church

Cross Lutheran Church is a congregation based heavily in the goals of strong community and social justice. Cross is heavily involved in the community and providing a safe, friendly environment for everyone.

Built With: WordPress, God’s Grace Theme

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