Web Design Samples

Here are some of my best web designs that I’ve built, designed, or contributed to.


Cross Lutheran Church

Cross Lutheran Church is a congregation based heavily in the goals of strong community and social justice. Cross is heavily involved in the community and providing a safe, friendly environment for everyone.

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Union Copy Centers

Union Copy Centers is a local business specializing in printed media and visual communication materials. From banners, tickets, posters, car wraps, and more, visit unioncopiesmke.com

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The Invention Group

The Invention Group is an idea group that helps turn your idea for an invention into reality. They help you with market research, branding, distribution, and more! Have an idea for an invention, check them out!

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Attila Band Site

Attila is a metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia who love to party and rock all day every day. Since 2005, they’ve rocked the world with their one of a kind riffs and party style metal.

Built With:  JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

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LeCourt Salons

Le Court Salons leases individual salons to beauty professionals looking to manage their own business. They have multiple locations in the metropolitan Milwaukee area.

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The Zither

The zither is a stringed instrument that has has been used in many symphonies and orchestras since the 1800’s. Kurt Von Eckroth is one of the only masters of this instrument left in the Milwaukee area.

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