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File Naming

File Naming and Organization

I've saved the most boring for last! False. File naming and organization are crucial if you want to be a successful developer. Because bad naming and organization can get you in trouble with not only yourself, but with your teammates if building a site in a team.

Pictured above is the entire folder that contains all the files for this site. You'll notice two folders right away called "css" and "images". It is common practice to organize your css and images into separate folders within your site. Otherwise, you'll end up with one big cluster of files and it's an absolute mess. If your site has separate JavaScript files, this principle would apply as well (call the folder "js").

Next are the rest of the HTML files that make up the pages that you see on this site. Take a look at the one called "index". Index (styled "index.html") is what you ALWAYS name your homepage. When opening a site in any browser, the browser will be looking for your index.html file (unless you specify a certain page in the URL) and be looking to automatically open that page.

Another big takeaway is the fact that you CANNOT have spaces when naming your files. Notice pages "file_naming", "open_graph", and "text_align". They all have a "_" between the words. The "_" character is used to represent a space. Dashes could be used as well, but the "_" character is becoming more of a standard.

I hope you learned a lot about web design tricks. There are hundreds upon hundreds of websites, tutorials, videos, etc. on web design. So if you want to learn more, all you really have to do is google "best web design tricks" and you'll get hundreds of resources. In the meantime, check out my portfolio to see some of my web and graphic design work (it will open in a new browser tab).